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Without data, you're just another person with an opinion
W.Edwards Deming

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Data Integration

Your data is one of the most valuable asset which drives opportunities throughout your organization.

Data Management

Organizing internal data and marrying it with external intelligence enriches true life to data.

Data Science

Adopt data-driven AI + machine learning to improve future outcomes with high level of precision.

Data Analytics

Data analytics brings out hidden insights by tapping into data you did not know ever existed in your environment.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is seen as the essential last step of any successful data-driven analytics strategy.

Business Intelligence

BI is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions.

Our Skills

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We are the bridge which connects Business with Technology. Our strong hold lies in understanding your business requirements and deploying state of the art data solutions to provide seamless data analytics & visualization

Business Intelligence 85%
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Data Analytics 75%
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Data Visualization 80%

Python & Power BI are the core pillars of our solutions.

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AI & Deep Learning driven Spend Analysis

Spend Categorization || Executive Visualization || Category Summary || Supplier Summary || Consolidation Strategy

Payment Term Analysis

Invoices by Category || Invoices by Supplier || Payment Term Strategy || Top Opportunities || Working Capital Improvement

360 Supply Chain Data Analysis

Procurement & Supply Chain || Finance|| HR, Legal & Administration || Operational, Logistics & Warehouse || Internal + External Analysis

COVID-19 Tracking

Global Infections Spread || Top COVID News || Infections per Capita || Global Policy Measures || Border Closures || Economic Revival ||